Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse Pool

Edelman Sultan Knox Wood / Architects | Year: 2017 | Place: New York

Boys & Girls Clubs offer respite and state of the art programming for children.  At the Thomas S. Murphy Clubhouse in Flatbush, Brooklyn, the pool underwent a total overhaul that included new finishes, reshaping the pool floor, updating the lighting, changing the gutter and return systems, providing de-humidification systems and a new entry lobby.

To create the 100 foot glass tile mosaic commencing at the foot of the stairs, youth volunteers were photographed and filmed underwater with their images then transformed into a collage to capture the fluid movement of the swimmers.

We are proud of our good teamwork with the Boys & Girls Club and ESKW Architects. The new pool and facilities now allows the Boys & Girls Club to expand their aquatics program and to offer more services to the community. The project is complete and has been open since January 2018.