What We Do

What We Do 2018-11-16T15:53:13+00:00

Our core business areas are General Construction, Pre-Construction Advisory, Pre-Development Advisory and Real Estate Development.

With this level of expertise located in-house, we pride ourselves in providing highly responsive and competitive general contracting and real estate development services to private, municipal and institutional clients.

In providing these types of services and products to our-partners and clients, we have successfully and consistently completed numerous projects from
beginning to end, on time and within budget.

General Construction

As your general contractor, we handle all the construction services, including hiring and managing subcontractors to make sure we meet your project goals. Our ability to self-perform enables us to set the pace for construction, control project costs, and establish standards for quality and safety.

Additionally, having a firsthand knowledge of the effort required to complete these trades allows us to more accurately schedule work and enables our personnel to better monitor production and quality.

Pre-Construction Advisory

Pre-construction services are services offered before actual construction begins to help plan, analyze and establish needs for construction.

What we do to help them achieve this objective is to define the project scope, schedule, and cost as early as possible with the most efficient use of resources and money.

The result is that clients are well informed of what’s needed next and when so they can determine if the
project is functional and financially viable.

Pre-Development Advisory

We advise on the development and program related matters, including, but not limited to: financing strategies; development partnerships; affordability; design; market study; contracts; and operating costs.

Real Estate Development

Not only do we invest and develop some of our own projects but due to the interdisciplinary, high stakes nature of real estate development, we offer our services to those who may not have the expertise to develop property but want something transformative on their site.

We take the mix of specialized analytical, financial,
and organizational skills needed for successful project completion and apply it to site selection, land use, entitlements, market and feasibility analysis, budgets, construction loan finance, construction, and income-producing property types (office, multifamily,
and mixed-use).