4380 Bronx Boulevard.

4380 Bronx Boulevard.

Category: Renevation and Coservation | Year: 2015 | Place: New York | Photography: David Sundberg / Esto, T. Ligamari

Ana’s Place, located at 4380 Bronx Boulevard, was a renovation and conversion of a two story, 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility into a men’s homeless shelter with 108 beds along with space for medical and psychiatric treatment, social services, a dining room, recreation areas, and administrative areas.

Natural light and air were designed in an unusual way – five torqued roof structures atop each sleeping quarter – which broke down into 20-bed dorm rooms and unique living areas as a result. Preserving some elements from the 1928 built building including metal and brick, lots of modern, fresh takes were incorporated throughout too.

Due to its innovative design elements, architects ESKW won the Housing Design Award from the Boston Society of Architects in 2014 for this project.